Why you should advertise on where-to-fly-fish-in-america: This is a very targeted audience. Your ads will be viewed by fly-fisherman across the world. You can choose a specific state or river page that you want to advertise on to target regional viewers, or advertise to a national audience. The website is new and growing and this is your chance to lock in low advertising rates for years to come.

2011-2012 Advertising Rates: The rates are based on the industry standard CPM, which means cost per 1000 impressions. The rate is $10 per 1,000 ad impressions with a 2,000-impression minimum. Your cost each time your ad is displayed is $.01. These rates are among the lowest in the industry and you are getting targeted viewers. When you buy 2,000 impressions your ad will displayed at least that many times within one year from the start of your campaign.

2,000 impressions = $20.00
Each additional 1,000 impressions = $10.00
10% discount for campaigns over 5,000 impressions

Be included on our Fish On! Newsletter at least 3 times in year $20

How it works: a. You email me your ad, we can do either banner (with your logo) or text with links to your business. The banner ad size I will place will be 250 x 250. If you want a text ad you need to limit your words to 30 words plus your web address.

b. Tell us how many impressions you want in increments of 1,000 min of 2,000. c. You tell us the specific page or pages you want your ad displayed on.

d. We will display it on that page if available, enough months to meet your purchase, and we will add it to other pages if necessary to meet your purchased amount within one year. e. All ads will be on the top half of the entire page. f. We will not display your ad next to any business that directly competes with yours.

g. We will display your ad. h. We will send an invoice for the amount due and a Pay Pal button for payment. i. Payment must be made with 5 business days from date the campaign started. j. If you are not able to do Pay Pal we will allow an extra 7 days to pay by check but we need to know this when you receive the invoice. k. Campaign will be cancelled if payment is not received in the time allowed. l. We will give you a renewal notice 30 days prior to campaign ending. m. Sorry, but there are no refunds once a campaign has been started.

Locked in rates We want to reward you for advertising in the early stages of our website by extending these rates to you for 3 years from your first campaign. So if our advertising rates go up you will still pay these current rates. Plus once you have a position on a page you will keep it as long as you keep renewing. Thank you,

Get started, Contact us with your request now.

We appreciate your advertising support. It is greatly appreciated.