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Now here are some secrets that are not anywhere else on this website. Using these methods should increase your odds when fishing for trout.

Stripping a streamer. A streamer is anything that resembles small fish, leeches and crustaceans. Basically anything that is not an insect. The reason they work is because fish are territorial and they will either nip at a fish or eat the smaller fish that invades its space. In most cases they are protecting their territory more than catching a quick meal when you catch a fish on a streamer.

Here is the technique to use. Cast either towards the bank, into the current, island or any other place that fish hold. After the cast let the water create a bow, or drag in the line. Your fly rod should be parallel with the water no more than 2’ above the surface. Once the bow is created begin your strip. Strip in the excess line with a little pull on the line with your left hand, if you are right handed. Pull some and then pause a moment and repeat. Create extra action by moving your fly rod up and down as you are stripping the line. Continue doing this until you have a fish or the line is back to you.

This is a year round technique and it works well during the middle of the afternoon, when nothing else is going on. Other great time to try this is when it is warm, you have shallow water, or there is considerable fishing pressure in the area. You may also want to try this in deep pools, be sure to let the streamer sink before beginning the strip. This works year round because big fish will chase and / or eat little fish every chance they get.

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