Owyhee River Fishing Report

Update June 26, 2011

I hit the river today. The water flow and height are back to their normal summer levels which means the fishing should be aweseome. The water is a little muddy which is hurting the fishing. When it clears up in a few days the fishing should be great. Looks like the hatches will be back to normal also. By July 1 fishing should return to normal. Go get em!

I had a great day on the river on the 22nd, a few days earlier. Go to my fishing log and see how I did, and check out my photo's.

This is a current Owyhee River fishing report. Below you will find the most recent stream flow graph, which is a critical piece of information. When you compare the current flow to what is average in history you will see whether the flows are higher or lower than average. Too high, and you won't be able to wade. Too low isn't very good either. The river flow for the Owyhee and other rivers is very important information.

The other factor on stream flows is that you want to see some recent stability in the flows. Fishing is best when there is not too much fluctuation in the river flows. So take a look at the chart and see if the flows seem to be consistent over the last few days. Click on this link for more detailed, or long term stream flow information or to get other Oregon fish reports.
USGS Water-data graph

Parma Weather Forecast, ID

Here is the most current weather for the area. You can put in a different city or zip code if you would like to. You can also click to see an hour-by-hour report or a 10-day report for planning your next fly fishing trip. I know it takes me an hour to drive to my favorite river, I want to know what the weather will be when I get there.
Owyhee River Fishing Report
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Owyhee Hatch Chart
Find out what is hatching before you go
and have the right flies!
Hatch Chart

The Trout Lie
This is a great website spotlighting Idaho
and Eastern Idaho with recent river reports.

View the larger map and find the Owyhee River listed on the left column. Then zoom in as much as you want to see the area in detail or ask to get directions from any where. This is a pretty good map of many of the best rivers in America. There are plenty more rivers I need to identify so keep checking back as I continue to add them as quickly as time will allow.

View Rivers in a larger map

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