The Situk River is another very popular fly fishing for salmon destination in Alaska. People come to the various rivers from all over the world to catch the large Salmon that run these rivers each year. The Fly fishing can be amazing for these Alaska fish during these runs, and the season is short so you need to plan your trip early while fly-fishing guides, charters and fishing lodges are still available.

There are many Alaskan fly fishing guides, fishing charters, and fly fishing lodges available to choose from. Steelhead fishing and fly fishing for salmon are very popular sports in the state, and many people travel to the many salmon filled streams every year. If you have never fly fished for salmon you do not know what you are missing. Why not give a fly fishing vacation a try?

The Situk River is well known for its Steelhead and Salmon fishing like so many other great rivers in Alaska. The Stream begins north of Yakutat and empties into the gulf of Alaska about 23 miles later.

The Steelhead spring run starts in early March with the peak numbers hitting in early May. They are usually gone from the river by late June. The fish are very large, some tipping the scales at 25 pounds or more. There is a spring and fall run of the Steelhead and a supply of native trout throughout the year as well.

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Once the Steelhead are gone the Sockeyes and Kings return to the river. They remain until late July when the Pinks arrive followed by the Silvers in late August. You will find Silvers in the river through October. There are many fly-fishing guides available throughout the state, and they are familiar with many of the rivers. This is what they do for a living and most of them are quite good at their job. They will get you to where the fish are, provide equipment and teach you how to fish form these massive Salmon.

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Alaska Fishing Regulations

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