Stress Relief through Fly-Fishing

My first river fishing started with a regular spinning rod and worms. I didn’t know what stress relief was waiting for me just a few years down the road when I started to fly fish.

I never enjoyed sitting on the bank of a pond or river and having limited access to the stream. It always seemed like the best fishing spots were always on the other side of the river. I soon found myself walking the banks of the rivers, and getting in and out of the river in search of the best fishing spot. I did not realize at the time that this was preparing me for fly-fishing.

Then one day I got my first fly rod, waders and boots. I still had no clue that I was about to embark on a stress relief program. At first it was stressful. Not knowing what fly to use, or where the fish would naturally hold, or even knowing where to go fly-fishing. All of this was stressful because I was not catching many fish. But still there was some stress relief as I wandered up and down the stream. The sound of the water is calming, and so is the surrounding nature. I was starting to get the message that this was more than just about the fish.

As I started putting every thing together I got to be a better fly-fisherman. I knew what rivers to hit, what water to fish and what to use in order to catch fish. Now fly-fishing was really becoming fun. As I started catching fish and understanding how they feed and how to find them I realized I was experiencing a great stress relief. There is something magical about standing in a stream, focusing on finding and catching fish, and seeing the surrounding beauty that relaxes me. Fly-fishing to me allows my mind to clear. It allows me to forget about worry, work or any other thing that is troubling to me. Those thoughts just melt away as I focus on finding one more trout.

If you have a stress in your life like I do then maybe you should give fly-fishing a chance. It is more than just fishing. It is about taking every thing in. Take your entire surroundings in and live in that moment and all your cares will be eased. I am glad I discovered fly-fishing. It has been a great source of stress relief for me, which makes me a better husband, father and employee.

James Harris, Website Contributor

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