Fly Fishing Budget

This fly fishing budget is a guideline to help people interested in taking up the sport understand approximately how much to spend on each item. You will need all of these items to hit the river. The budgets range from $350 all the way up to $1,000. This is for anglers with no gear at all just looking to get started.

If you fish a lot you will find that you will need to continue buying flies, leaders, fly line, tippet and other small items each year. I get mine at Big Fly Company. You will also find that you will be replacing waders and wading boots every 3 or 4 years depending on quality and how often you fish. You should plan on spending approximately $150 in your fly fishing budget or more each year after you get started.

Premium flies without the premium price
Everyone is in a different financial place so I have created this fly fishing budget to reflect where I would spend my money in each category based on if these were my available funds. Keeping in mind that I know there will be on going expenses. Use this as a guide when selecting product from each category of fishing items.

For the first three columns ($350 - $550) I would recommend you shop at one of these two locations. Website Fly Shop which is associated with Amazon. You will find a great selection at very low prices, great shipping options and secure transactions that you can trust.

Sierra Trading Post, which is a great outlet for discounted merchandise. They do not have a large selection but you will find items that you need at great prices.

You are not going to get great quality on any of the fly rod combo kits, waders or wading boots at the $350 level, but they are all very acceptable. This will give you an opportunity to fly fish and see if you really like the sport before investing too much money. Knowing that you will replace your waders and boots in a few years any way this could be a good place to start.

When you get to the $550 level I suggest you put more money into your fly rod, reel and fly line so you end up with better quality that will last you for many years. You will catch fish with a $100 rod just like a $1,000 rod but the more expensive rods are really worth the extra money. You will still need to replace your waders and boots in a few years but you will find better quality for $75 then you will at $50.

For the other three columns ($650 - $1,000) on the fly fishing budget you will find what you need at any of these websites.

When you get to the next three budgets you will be purchasing better products that will last longer. Now your waders and boots will last you longer and will not need replaced as often. Stick to these target prices within each budget item and you should be very satisfied with your gear.

When it comes to flies and accessories I would make your initial purchase from a local fly shop, or fishing store like Cabela’s. This will allow you to talk to the local expert and find out what flies you need that work in your area. You will also be able to touch and feel the accessory items like fly boxes, scissors and crimping plyers.

I suggest you purchase a fly rod set up that is a 5 or 6 weight to get started if you are fishing streams that have average size fish. They can handle a 6-pound fish or better. If you know you will be using this for bigger fish then you will need larger weighted gear. But for most people a 5 or 6 weight is perfect.

Website Fly Shop

Now that you have looked at the fly fishing budget return to equipment page.

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