Being able to find what you need and when you need it is a real time saver. Vests with lots of organization and pockets for your gear is essential. Just like a net, you need to find what you need quickly.

Having the right equipment is very important. It is one of the main requirements needed to be succesful. If you have not already done so by now you will still need to get a fly rod fly reel fly line waders and wading boots. Of course you will also need artificial flies sunglasses and apparel. Through my relationship with I have assembled some of their most popular items in my Fly Shop Amazon has a great selection fo quality products at great prices. Click on the link and take a look around.


Here are some things to consider when choosing fishing gear.

Don’t buy the least expensive gear on the market. Chances are that it is not very good quality and will not last long, and that it is not designed to be as user friendly as you need it.

Because the fishing vest is used to organize and hold your fly fishing widgets you will need to have many pockets. The pockets on the outside will need to be able to close with a zipper or Velcro so stuff won’t fall out. You need to have a variety of sizes of pockets to accommodate all of your widgets and flies.

The Simms vest pictured retails for $99.99 at Cabela's. Click on the picture to see what else they have available.

Too few of pockets will not give you the amount of organization that you need to find things quickly. Too many pockets will cause the same problem because you have too many to choose from. The right amount of pockets is some where around 25.

The other thing to think about is the type of material that it is made of. The advantage of a mesh material is that it will be cooler during those hot summer days. So if you fish where it is hot you may want to use mesh, other wise it comes down to which vest you like the best.

Comfort is important also. If you go to the store to purchase a fishing vest put it on and load up the pockets with a bunch of stuff and see how it feels with the extra weight. If it becomes uncomfortable try another one and repeat the process.

You can spend $20 to $200 on a fishing vest. A quality product will be somewhere in between. You can get a really good one that will last many years for about $100.

Here are a few vests that are available at Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters Click on any of the images for more information or to go to their website.


Many fly fisherman practice catch and release when they fish. Many nets are designed with this in mind, as the material is softer and less abrasive to the fish.

My first fly-fishing net was perfect for catch and release when I was catching fish that were 14” or less. Then a friend told me of a great place to fly fish and soon I was landing 20” or greater fish and they would not fit in my net. I decided to buy a bigger net instead of returning to my previous fishing spots. Be sure to purchase a net big enough for the fish you expect to catch.

I recommend this fishing net this is the one I use. Fly-fishing nets can range from $35 - $300 or even more. Pick a good one because it should last you many years. A good fly-fishing net will cost between $50 and $150.

The one pictured retails for $39.99 at Cabela's. I like it because you can measure each fish you catch while it is still in the net, and it will measure up to 30" fish. Click on the picture to see what else is available.

Shop for fishing vests and nets or other gear now!


Now that you picked out a fly-fishing vest it is time to fill it up. You will need many things here is a list of a few of the items you may want. Leader, Tippet, weights, scissors, floatation powder or fluid, strike indicators, magnifying glass or reading glasses, wading staff, crimper’s or small pliers and much more. It won’t take long to fill up 25 pockets.

You will also want to take bug spray or sunscreen fishing with you but you can keep that in your vehicle.

Where to purchase

Cabela's Buyer's Guides

Leland Fly Fishing Outfitters

Sierra Trading Post: Save 35-70% on Outdoor Gear and Apparel.

Premium fishing flies from 45 cents each.

Various Fly Shops and Bait Shops listed on the fly-fishing by state pages. This would be a great place to go to talk to someone face to face that is knowledgeable of the area and can make recommendations that would fit your budget.

Find a great place to fish near you.

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