Hot Creek is located near Mammoth and the fly-fishing begins just below the Hatchery where Mammoth Creek joins the Creek. This creek is said to have one of the highest fish counts per mile in America, estimated at 8,000 or more per mile. The counts should stay high since this is a catch and release area only, and the hatchery is at this river.

This is a classic spring creek with abundant insects and consistent hatches. There are rocky grades, riffles and pockets giving the fly-fisherman a nice variety of fishing conditions. The first short stretch (1/4 mile) of the creek is flat, smooth and deep challenging you to offer up a great presentation. This area will require a stealth approach and perfect casts.
Fishing is open year round and there are good hatches throughout the year to keep the fish healthy. Mayflies, Stoneflies and Caddis flies are common at various times of the year and midges are active all year. Summer and fall tend to be the best months to fly fish this area. The next section of the creek is on private land at Hot Creek Ranch. Just below that is the most popular stretch of this river, which is accessed by a short walk into the canyon. This stream receives water through several hot springs that dump into the river which warms the stream. So the further downstream you go the warmer the water becomes. It eventually gets to warm to sustain fish.
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If you are looking for a place to catch a lot of fish this is the stream for you. With the abundant supply of fish all you need are the correct flies and good presentation. Expect some pressure on this river, with this large of fish population there is no doubt that there will be crowds.

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