The Lampasas River near the city of Lampasas comes out of Stillhouse Hollow Lake and travels west. The river has many smaller streams feeding which helps produce plenty of shallow runs and nice pools. The river is best fished when the water temperature is not too hot, less than 80 degrees is preferable. It also is best fished when the water flows have been consistent, like so many other streams.

This river has an abundant supply of nice bass, and is equally well known for the perch and sunfish. Some of the best fishing on the entire river is the stretch East of the lake. This is a great stretch of water to use a float tube. In some areas the river water can be deep and muddy at the bottom, but it can be very clear on top. Some of the bigger bass in this river get as big as 7 or 8 pounds.

There is also some good fishing upstream from the lake, starting about US 281 and continuing through the town of Lampasas. Downstream from here there is a lot of private property, so you need to be aware of this when fishing this section so you don’t trespass.

Some of the flies to try on this river would include dry fly patterns that have rubber or foam legs like spiders or ants. When fishing below the water surface some nymphs you would want to try would be caddis or mayfly. There are plenty of species of fish in this stream that will hit wooly buggers and leeches also.

The Lampasas River is a local favorite and it offers up some nice fishing. The area can get quite hot in the summer months, so you may want to hit the stream in the morning or early evenings. Winter fishing can also be a nice relief from the heat, and you may end up catching bigger fish also.

This is not a traditional trout stream like the rivers in Colorado or Montana, but it does serve up a nice variety of fish. Be sure to check your fishing regulations before fishing this river.

Map of the Lampasas area.

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