The Texas Coastal Flats are very well known for its fantastic fly-fishing. This type of saltwater fishing is available up and down the coastal flats. Fly-fishing for Redfish and Speckled trout can be very exciting and is enjoyed all along the coast.

Some of the best Texas flats fishing along the coast to fly fish are places like Rockport, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Baffin Bay, Copano Bay and Redfish Bay. The same basic techniques can be used in each of these well know flatland areas.

The Redfish and Speckled trout cruise up and down the flatland grassy area and the muddy areas searching for prey. Site fishing is by far the most used tactic, looking for tails moving around above the water surface tells you where the fish are feeding. Now you just need to get your fly in their area without spooking them.

Many of these places can be fished by wading but some will require the use of a Curlew boat or other type of boat to fly fish from. If you have never fly fished the flatland areas you should consider using a guide with a Curlew boat the first time out. By using a guide the first time you can at the very least learn where the fish are and what tactics to use, and may venture out on your own after that.

Understanding that the Redfish move with the tidal movements will allow you to catch fish during the time when the fishing is best. The best time to sight fish for these Redfish is during low tide and during daylight hours. Since the tides bring in food sources, you know the fish will follow once the tides are reduced. So be sure to learn about the tidal movements of this area and take advantage of this predictable cycle.

The fish in these waters are typically feeding on crabs, shrimp and minnows. So using a pattern that imitates these food sources should produce good results. If you are not planning on using a guide I would suggest you go to a fly shop in the area you plan on fishing to load up on what is working. These fly shop owners and employees know what works in their waters, and they will help you pick something out that will work.

What ever region you select to fly fish along the Texas Coastal Flats you should be in for a treat. Site fishing is a very productive method to use and if you can be at the right place at the right time you should do well.

Here is a map of the Flats at Corpus Christi.

Click here to see the Redfish Bay area Google map.

Rockport area Google map.

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