The South Fork and North Fork of the Llano River near Junction Texas provides the angler with many types of fish to go after. From fly-fishing for bass, perch, catfish, gar or sunfish there is plenty of types to go after. This is a spring fed creek that has mostly bass and sunfish. Because the bass fight so hard and that they like the colder water, many people in the area call them Texas Trout. These bass are also called Guadalupe Bass.

There are good places to put a boat into water around the town of Mason, you can float 4-7 miles from this spot and the fishing is pretty good. There are many access points for both forks of the river. The river is surrounded by large cliffs, some of them rise over 500' above the river. It is a beautiful scenic area.

The winter months are better as the water levels are lower and the vegetation has not taken over yet. The fishing is good along the banks because of the weeds and vegetation near the banks. There are also some good pools to hit.

On the South Fork near country road 170 has some good water with plenty of fish. Rarely do you find any big fish, but you should run into plenty. There is also some good fishing near 377 at Ford Canyon. The North Fork is tougher to wade, and impossible in some spots because of how deep it is, but you will find some good spots on this fork as well. It will just take a little more work.

Some of the flies that you may want to try would be; Royal Wulff, Wooly Boogers, Ninny Bugs and Damsel Fly Nymphs. If you want to try some dry flies you may want to try some terrestrials like; Foam Spiders (blk & yel), Cherynoble Ants, or Turks Tarantula. If it has rubber legs and floats you have a pretty good chance to land a fish. You should also experiment with some caddis or mayfly nymph patterns. The fishing season is better during the summer, but the bigger fish are caught in the winter in colder water.

Map of the Llano.

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